Howdy y’all! My name is Haowen Jiang (or ʨiɑŋ xaw wən in IPA and 江豪文 in characters). I am currently a PhD student in the Department of Linguistics at Rice University, Houston, TX. I graduated from National Taiwan University at Taipei with an MA in Linguistics in 2006. After graduation, I served in the Army at Kinmen, a small island to the west of Taiwan (ROC), for over a year. From 2007 to 2008, I worked as a research assistant on an Isbukun Bunun dictionary project until I came to Rice in Aug 2008.

My research interests include:
(1) in terms of broad research agendas(i) language typology and universals, (ii) Cognitive/functional linguistics; (iii) discourse analysis

(2) in terms of specific research topics(i) grammars of space (e.g. Motion events, demonstratives, route descriptions, etc.), (ii) nominalization, complementation, and relativization, (iii) evidentiality and epistemic modality, (iv) metaphors and metonymies, and (v) discourse/pragmatic markers;

(3) in terms of research languages(i) Austronesian languages (mostly Formosan), (ii) Sinitic languages (mostly Mandarin, Min, Hakka), (iii) Slavic languages (mostly Russian).

Trivia: A linguisticky Anglocization of my given name would be “How-When”. Too bad that I don’t work on interrogatives. But partly because of this homonymy, I am branded with the sobriquet “Captain Interrogatives”.

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